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Mamas and Papas

A lot of family birthdays and various celebrations came up recently, and I managed to make a few cards to give. Here are two of them - a Father's Day card featuring a little rabbit in a balloon...

...and a Mother's Day card with some flowers (I haven't decided whether they're poppys or roses!)

I made these for my partner's parents who are Spanish and therefore celebrate the occasions on different days than we do here in the UK. With both cards, I used some cutouts from magazines as part of the image - the balloon is actually a photo of an old bronze plaque, and the centres of the flowers are silver door handles. The basket below the balloon is also made from a small piece of fabric swatch which I had lying around. Looking for images in old magazines is a great way of getting inspiration for your cards or art, and incorporating them into the work can be really good for adding some depth and texture.