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Showing posts from April, 2011

Two owls!

Today I made two new fabric cards. These have an added twist to them in that they are "upcycled". This is because I made them using fabric samples which I received when I was choosing the colour of my new sofa! So as well as being quite cute, they're thrify and good for the environment as well!

I'm not sure what made me go for "woot!" over the more traditional "hoot!" owl call... but it seems cuter somehow!

Poetic polar bear

Carrying on the theme of animals wearing clothes, which seems to have become a mini obsession of mine recently, here's my latest handmade card - a polar bear in dungarees! He's looking very thoughtful, chewing on his pen - maybe he's composing a little poem to write in his notebook.

Yet again, it's attracted the attention of the local wildlife...
I made his dungarees out of some lovely hand-dyed fabric which I got from the marvellous Etsy shop of therainbowgirl.
I also made another version of my dapper fox card today, so all in all quite a productive afternoon! You can see closeups (and of course buy them if you're feeling generous!) in my Etsy shop! These are now sold - yay!

Zombie rabbit!

Here's my newest crochet creation (or rather re-animation...)

The vacant stare is classic zombie, but somehow he still manages to be cute! It took me a while to get the expression right - don't want him to look too happy, after all! He's available in my Etsy shopnow sold!