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Well, I finally got some of my photos printed up as postcards by the lovely people at Moo.

They've turned out rather well, so I've put them up in my Etsy shop as a pack of five, all featuring different European monuments. Some of them aren't really "monuments" as such but I couldn't think of any other word to encompass them, so monuments they will be deemed! They are mostly from Spain and the UK, with a German one thrown in too. My fave is the one of Castle Park gate in Colchester, which is one of the first photos I took with my camera a few years ago!


Searching through the layers of leaves, this little piggy found a new friend!

This is a greeting card which I have been making for a work colleague. The card itself is also made up of different layers so that it has a slightly 3D effect, as shown in the photos - so it was perfect for this week's Illustration Friday theme of "layer"! Whilst I was photographing it, another curious piggy came over to investigate...

Rabbit 2.0

The grey rabbit is now finished and freshly listed in my shop has now been sold! It truly is the year of the rabbit around here!

I finally raided my stash of hoarded fabric and am going to have a go at sewing some cushion covers using this brilliant tutorial by Gone to Earth. I'll have to do them by hand as I don't have a sewing machine, but hopefully they'll turn out ok!

I'd like to thank the academy...

The lovely sj from An Item Each Day of the Year has nominated me for a Stylish Blog Award! I am indeed honoured - thank you! [Edit: Also big thanks to Silver Pebble who also nominated me!]

Apparently as a nominee I must now do 4 things:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award: ^^see above^^

2. Share 7 things about yourself:
* My favourite artist is Francisco de Goya
* When I was little I used to call Neopolitan ice cream "Napoleon ice cream"
* I own only 4 pairs of shoes
* I am addicted to Angel Delight
* I find quantum theory completely fascinating
* I have a major phobia about anything touching my eyes, so I have to wear glasses instead of contacts
* I am a massive geek (see above!)

3. Award 15 (arg!) recently discovered great bloggers:
Some of these are blogs I check regularly, and others are where I've seen really great tutorials. Here we go then, in no particular order -
~ 1 Creating Trouble
~ 2 Gemma Correll and Her Merry Band of Misfits
~ 3 He…