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Showing posts from January, 2011

Another rabbit!

After many tweaks and unravellings, my latest crochet creation is finally finished!

This cute little fella is available in my Etsy shop now sold!

Now I'm working on a grey one...

Random Photo II: Drapery

This is the remains of an ancient statue.

I always marvel at the way the ancient sculptors made marble and stone look like draped cloth. The lighting on this piece was particularly good for emphasising that, plus it looks rather spooky!

Love is in the air

OK so it's a while to go before Valentine's Day, but for those who like to plan ahead I have some new cards in my shop just perfect for sending to a special person.

I made three altogether using watercolours and pencil to give them a nice soft, muted feel. I'm particularly happy with this little fella. Check them all out over at Etsy!

Hammy the Bat

New in my Etsy shop(Now sold!) - he's a bat but not the scary kind.

Made with acrylic yarn and felt.

Random Photo I: Bird

Here's a new random photo of the day (click for bigger). It was taken in Santiago in northern Spain. Amazingly I managed to capture a fairly still picture of this small bird which was hopping around!