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I'd like to thank the academy...

The lovely sj from An Item Each Day of the Year has nominated me for a Stylish Blog Award! I am indeed honoured - thank you! [Edit: Also big thanks to Silver Pebble who also nominated me!]

Apparently as a nominee I must now do 4 things:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award: ^^see above^^

2. Share 7 things about yourself:
* My favourite artist is Francisco de Goya
* When I was little I used to call Neopolitan ice cream "Napoleon ice cream"
* I own only 4 pairs of shoes
* I am addicted to Angel Delight
* I find quantum theory completely fascinating
* I have a major phobia about anything touching my eyes, so I have to wear glasses instead of contacts
* I am a massive geek (see above!)

3. Award 15 (arg!) recently discovered great bloggers:
Some of these are blogs I check regularly, and others are where I've seen really great tutorials. Here we go then, in no particular order -
~ 1 Creating Trouble
~ 2 Gemma Correll and Her Merry Band of Misfits
~ 3 Hello Auki
~ 4 How About Orange
~ 5 My First Card
~ 6 Tiny Happy
~ 7 All About Papercutting
~ 8 Sew Take A Hike
~ 9 Angry Chicken
~ 10 Planet June
~ 11 Do You Mind If I Knit
~ 12 Lolly Chops
~ 13 Goody Goody
~ 14 The Not So Great Adventures Of...
~ 15 The Official Top Secret Private Journal of Susie

4. Tell everyone who you have nominated: aaaand... done!



  1. Aww, thank you for nominating me! I'll be doing my thank you post tomorrow or Friday. :-) For now though I need to hit my bed for some creative sleep! xx

  2. Lol, have just nominated you for another award at - don't think you have to do it all again, but all publicity helps :)

  3. oh my gosh, I am so surprised. thank you so much for nominating me. I was on a business trip and just recently checked my blog. Usually I update it every other day. Thank you so so much. I am really really honored. Please visit me often :)

    much love,

    My First Card

  4. Thank you so much for nominating me - I really appreciate it!

  5. Awww! I just saw this and wanted to thank you for such a sweet award!

    I hope you have a lovely weekend!



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